Art is magic

"I believe that magic is art, and that art, whether that be music, writing, sculpture, or any other form, is literally magic. Art is, like magic, the science of manipulating symbols, words or images, to achieve changes in consciousness." Alan Moore


Gradually we can return to everyday life and on the occasion of the reopening of the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz the SWR accompanied me for half a day both in the studio and in the office. You can now watch the film about me and my work in the ARD Mediathek:


During the Corona crisis, like so many others, I had largely shifted my working day to my home office. I used the time to create a lavishly crafted page for the Gutenberg-Shop in Mainz. It is a reproduction of a page from the famous Gutenberg Bible. As in the original I decorated the printed text with elaborate border paintings with gold leaf. Here you can find a current press article about my work:


You can find more pictures and drawings as well as insights into the progress of my current work on my Instagram profile: